Children's Biting Power

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(Original article from Dr. Livingstone's Patient Newsletter)


By staggering the loss of the front upper and lower primary teeth, children are assured of having at least half of their biting power at all times. This won't help if they want to whistle, but they’ll look cute in family photos.

Permanent tooth eruption follows a well-designed sequence that is similar to when the primary teeth erupted, beginning with the lower front teeth.

However, one set of permanent molars come in about the same time as the new lower front teeth. The timing of the molars’ eruption allows your child to maintain adequate and complete chewing ability. Improperly chewed food affects the digestive process and would prevent your child from maintaining proper nutrition for growth and development.

The chart shows the permanent teeth eruption sequence.

It seems incredible that 32 permanent teeth are going to fit where 20 primary teeth reside. A child's jawbones are actively growing at a rapid pace during the tooth development years, so they are fully prepared to accept the new members.


It's important to take good care of primary teeth and make regular dental appointments for your child. If baby teeth are lost too early (from decay, for instance), the jawbone will fill in. Then the permanent teeth will tip and crowd, and your child will likely need orthodontics.

Questions or concerns? Call us today. We'll help keep your child's teeth beautiful for whistling and those family photos.